Wall Painting Team - Community-based Project 2019| 土瓜灣舊區「社區客廳」計劃 - 鐵閘說故事創作坊
Date : 2019-12-22 (Sunday)
Responsible Person : Ms Lui CY
Activity Category : Events

Cooperated with local artists to create a thematic wall painting about a neighborhood story on its iron gate in a local shop. It encouraged our students to contribute and beautify the construction of the community which can further develop their imagination and creativity.

與本地藝術家合作,在本土商戶鐵閘繪出 店舖起家的故事,鼓勵丘中學生接觸社區和美化社區建設,從而擴闊學生的設計想像空間。

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