Mission and Visions


The School shall offer, in a Christian context, an all-rounded education that encourages and enhances the development and growth of the students morally, academically, physically, socially, aesthetically, and spiritually, and promotes their sense of commitment to the community and mankind.



The students will:
1. think independently with grace and wisdom from God,
2. have a global perspective,
3. be healthy in body, mind and spirit,
4. have genuine love for and be respectful to self and others,
5. acquire the skills for life-long learning,
6. perform to the best of their potential and strive to achieve excellence,
7. serve the community and mankind humbly and responsibly, and
8. be leaders of Hong Kong.

School Motto

Think critically and be moral



HTYC Spirit

Healthy, Tenacious, Young, Caring

健康顯活力 堅毅添關懷

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