STEAM Education

 STEAM education

  1. Main foci:  
    (i) Teachers as a whole having more exposure and mastery of STEAM education
    (ii) Integrating STEAM education elements into current practices (phase 1)
  2. Preliminary expectations of students’ learning:
    Level Expectations on pedagogical considerations
    5 Solving problems related to life issues
    4 Solving designed problems
    3 Cross-subject
    2 Application of knowledge
    1 Hands on tasks
  1. Proposed learning tasks / activities

    Foster STEAM elements in various subjects – Ref.: Pt.2 Preliminary expectations of students’ learning
      Curriculum External activities / competition

    S1: DIY Energy converter
    S2: Water rocket design and launching
    S3: PBL

    Budding Scientists

    Physics Use of motion sensor in experiments

    S3-4:Physics Olympiad training
    S5: PolyU SSMCS


    Making of metallic bookmark by electroplating
    Fuel Cell Car

    S3-5: Australian National Chemistry Quiz
    S5: PolyU SSMSC
    S3-5: Chemist-online

    Biology S5-S6: CUHK X AMGEN Biotech Lab project

    S5: PolyU SSMSC
    S5: HKJSBO

    D & T

    Project Approach:
    S.1 Memo Stand & Desk Tidy
    S.2 Mechanical Music Box
    S.3 Bridge structure building & Make a Change  (Problem-solving activities)

    No specific focus.
    (It depends on the nature of activities and competitions)


    S2: Mobile App design, Robotics (mbot)
    S3: Java programming

    S5: HKACE IT Elite
    S3/4: PolyU Computer App Programming (CAP)
    S3: HKACE Fun with learning


    S2: Making & Using Clinometer (+ VA)
    S3: Survey Activity (apps on tablet)

    S5: PolyU SSMSC

  2. Major Highlights:
    November 2017 – 24 hours Pedal Kart Charity Race
    Feb – May 2018 - S.3 Cross-subjects Project-based Learning Activities (setting topics and tasks in relation to STEAM education)
    Apr 2018 – STEAM Fair in Academic Week 2018
    EITC Programme:

    S2: Mobile Apps(APP Inventor), VR(google cardboard), Digital Game design(Unity)
    S3: 3D modeling, AR, IoT (arduino), robotics & sensors(mbot)

    External activities / competition

    S3: CityU CS Challenge
    Difference Robotic and mobile app competition

  3. Schedule

    Teacher’s development

    Student’s development

    12 June 2017

    Visit Lok Sin Tong Yu Kan Hing Secondary School

    26 May 2017

    Pedal kart: Pit Crew formed

    30 Sept 2017

    Brainstorming session of STEAM education

    July – Aug

    Pedal Kart: Two karts modifications and assembling

    9 Sept 2017

    Visit Lego Education Maker Lab opening at Sun Kei Secondary School

    3-4 Oct

    Pedal kart: Racing Kart – Time attack

    11 Sept 2017

    Meeting with ex-HKASM chairman Wong CK

    10-12 Oct

    Pedal kart: Fun Kart - Trial

    13 Sept 2017

    STEAM unit meetings

    27 Oct 2017

    The Chinese Chess Challenge: 1K vs AI


    1-3 Nov 2017

    Pedal Kart Final Training

    4-5 Nov

    24 hr HK Roundtable Pedal Kart Race (S4-S6)

    4-5 Nov

    24 hr HK Roundtable Pedal Kart Race (S4-S6)


    16 Nov

    AMGEN Biotechnology Director visit HTYC

    23 Nov

    Lesson demonstration (Period 6 – S6 Bio)

    • AMGEN guests
    • CUHK
    • EDB officer
    • HKASME
    • Social media

    20 Jan 2018

    Volvo Ocean Race Visit (S1-S2)

    20 Jan 2018

    Volvo Ocean Race Visit (S1-S2)


    Jan 2018

    2018 全港校際「無人機」比賽 – 賽前工作坊

    April 2018

    2018 全港校際「無人機」比賽 (S4: 4 stds)

    Mar - May

    Project Based Learning (PBL) (S3)

    Mar - May

    Project Based Learning (PBL) (S3)

    27 April 2018

    Participate STEAM Fair (Academic week)

    • S3 PBL showcase
    • EITC products

    27 April 2018

    STEAM Fair (Academic week)

    • S3 PBL showcase
    • EITC products

  4. Budget (preliminary)
    A) STEAM related - External competition
          a.) Application fee
          b.) Activity expenditure
    B) STEAM related hardware and software equipment purchase
          Preliminary estimates:
    No. Items Expenditure (HK$)
    1 Books / magazines related to STEAM education 10,000
    2 Expenditure on Pedal Kart charity race 30,000
    3 Robotics competition 5,000
    4 Support to science competitions 10,000
    5 Expenditure on S.3 Project-Based Learning activities 10,000
    6 Expenditure on STEAM Fair (Academic Week 2018) 5,000
    7 Expenditure on related equipment 30,000
    8 Expenditure on MAKER activities (materials for product design) 30,000
    9 Support to L&T training problem-solving skills 30,000
    10 Annual STEAM competition in HTYC 20,000
    11 HTYC Publication on STEAM activities 20,000
      Totol 200,000

  5. Unit members
     Lam MY, Lam KY, Wong YT, Poon WK
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