Inter-school Cross Country Competition 2019 -2020
Category : 一般
Date : 2020-01-14 (Tuesday)
Location : Aberdeen Reservior
Nature : External
Responsible Person : Ms Lin WY & Mr Chun LS

The Inter-school Cross Country Competition was held on 14/1/2020 at Aberdeen Reservoir. There were 14 schools participating in Boys’ Events and 10 schools participating in Girls’Events. Our school Cross Country Teams (Boys and Girls) competed in A, B and C Grades and achieved the following results:

  • I.Individual Prizes:
  • Girls A Grade 5A Zhai Xueer (3rd Position)
  • Girls A Grade 4B Yeung Hin Yan (8th Position)
  • Boys A Grade 5A Ho Chun Yat (6th Position)
  • Boys A Grade 5D Lam Chit (9th Position)
  • Boys C Grade 1D Yap Ho Yin (Champion)


  1. Overall Prize Winners:
  1. Girls C Grade

4th Position

Wong Sze Ching 1D, Chan Yee Huen 2D, Chan Yu Sze 1C, Li Wai Yan 2A, Lam Wai Kiu 1C & Lam Wai Shan 1C

  1. Girls A Grade

2nd Position

Zhai Xueer 5A, Yeung Hin Yan 4B, Hui Tsz Ching 6C, Poon Sum To 6A, Chin Nga Huen 4C & Yip Ka Ling 4A


  1. Girls Overall– 3rd Position


  1. Boys C Grade

2nd Position

Yap Ho Yin 1D, Kong King Yu 2D, Lee Hok Kei Leon 2B, Tam Cheuk Nam 2D, Lau Hang Ngai 2D & Fang Zheng Zheng 2D

  1. Boys B Grade

3nd Position

Chung Cheuk Him Elvis 3C, Ng Chun Yeung 2B, Leung Yat Fung 4B, Chan Chun Po 2B, Lo Issac 4C & Chan Nok Fung Matthew 2C

  1. Boys A Grade

2nd Position

Ho Chun Yat 5A, Lin Chit 5D, Lo Tsz Wang 5B, Lo Tsz Wang 5B, Lau Pak Hei 5C, Kam Tsz Shing 6C & Lo Jun Yin 5B

  1. Boys Overall – Champion (They will be promoted to Division II in the next Academic Year)


Very Well Done Boys and Girls 

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