The 22nd Inter-school Bird Race丨第二十二屆學界觀鳥比賽
Category : 一般
Date : 2022-12-10 (Saturday)
Location : Biology
Nature : External
Leader : Mr. Ho Ho Ting (Ho HT)

A team of S.4 students participated in The 22nd Inter-school Bird Race, co-organised by the Hong Kong Wetland Park of the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department and the Hong Kong Bird Watching Society on 10 December 2022. With the combined effort of the team, they were awarded the 1st runner-up and the Bird of the Day.


亞軍, 是日精選雀鳥|1st Runner-up, Bird of the Day
4A Kwok Ka Hei4B Yip Wang Hin4C Cheung Hoi Ching4D Yeung Zit
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