Mr. Kwok SM
Vice Principal Dr. Chow WK
Vice Principal Ms. Lo YW
Vice Principal Mr. Cheung CS

Teachers & Librarian

Ms. Au Yeung WS Mr. Lam KS Mr. Poon WK
Mr. Chan SC Mr. Lam MY Mr. Tong WK
Ms. Chan TY Ms. Lam OS Mr. Tsang NG
Ms. Chan WM Mr. Lam SC Ms. Tsang PC
Ms. Chau CM Mr. Lao WK Ms. Tse LK
Mr. Chau KC Mr. Lau NY Ms. Tsoi YY
Mr. Chong CN Ms. Lau SW Mr. Wan SY
Ms. Chow HL Mr. Lee CC Ms. Wong CW
Mr. Chun LS Mr. Lee PL Ms. Wong CH
Ms. Chung FY Ms. Li HC Ms. Wong KC
Mr. Diu SH Ms. Lin WY Ms. Wong MY
Ms. Fung OL Mr. Ling KT Ms. Wong NC
Mr. Hui P Mr. Lo WC Mr. Wong YT
Ms. Hung CY Ms. Lui CY Ms. Wong YT
Ms. Ip CW Ms. Man WS Ms. Yu CY
Ms. Ko CY Mr. Mong CT Ms. Yu WM
Ms. Lai TK Mr. Ng SF Ms. Yuen CY
Ms. Lam KY Mr. Pierre B  

Assistant Teacher & Teacher Assistant

Ms. Chen YQ Ms. Choi KM Ms. Kwan HT

Social Workers

Ms. Chan CW Ms. Ho WK

Laboratory Technicians

 Ms. Lee KY  Mr. To KS

IT Technician

Mr. Leung KH

General Office Staff

Ms. Chan PS Ms. Lee KW Mr. Chan SF
Ms. Wan PW Ms. Lee HS Ms. Wong SW


Ms. Fu WY Mr. Lau CK Ms. Ling WP
Ms. Lo YF Mr. Lui LM Ms. Sin PY
Ms. To LK    


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