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HKDSE Examination Results 2014


1. Sharing of Some Outstanding Students:

Lexie Lee HC (CUHK, Global Business Studies, Best 6 = 39 points)

Confidence matters --- It boosts your capacity!

‘Believe in yourself and it will unleash all of your potential.’ Such words are my heartfelt experience during the whole DSE exam process.

I would not say I’m a top student in my secondary school years.  Falling behind the teaching progress, feeling listless sometimes, not working to full capacity in some assignments – these were all commonplace along the years.  My Final Examination results in Secondary 5 could not be considered satisfactory.  Therefore, I had had moderate expectations of myself, once.

Yet, the fire within me resisted the expected grades.  ‘I believe I can do much more, and much better.’  This always lingered on my mind every time I was told that I could only get a Level 4.  With such a thought stuck inside my head, I worked hard with my very best, not reconciling myself to a yet-to-be-satisfactory grade.  On the day when the DSE Exam results were released, I was truly touched by the fact that my hard work pays off – most of my results are better than my expected levels.  Believe that you can exceed your limits.  As long as you trust in yourself and do vigorously for it, you will achieve your excellence.

Crystal Wong TY (HKU, Bachelor of Laws, Best 6 = 36 points)

Work hard --- the only key!

‘Work tops talents; work wins over smartness.’  That’s how I feel after the release of HKDSE Exam results.  If you are going to be successful at anything, the key is: work hard.

Public examinations are tough. However, we cannot escape from them. It is a process which leads us to our dreams.  Along the path, we may fall down, we may feel helpless and alone, we may cry as we are too pressured, etc. Yet, we should never give up. Never ever tell ourselves that ‘I can’t’. Never deny our own abilities. 

Life is hard. Yet, don’t forget that we are backed up by lots of people like our family, our friends and our teachers. To be honest, the teachers in HTYC really contribute a lot to my present achievements. Do treasure their teachings and follow their guidance. They are experienced in different aspects. No worries! When you have a dream, you should protect it. Are you willing to sacrifice all temptations for your dream? I’m willing to and I believe all HTYC students can do so! Visualize your dream and go for it!

Joey Wong WC [PolyU, BSc (Hons) in Physiotherapy, Best 6 = 35 points]

'You will when you believe'! Be determined and work hard for it!

I was once frightened of the HKDSE Exam. However, I am grateful that now I have overcome this huge challenge!  Like all my classmates, since the day we swore to enter the universities, we had make up our mind to give all we had to go forward, and no turning back.  Comradeship had fuelled our efforts; and I know: it had also built our courage and determination.  The common saying, 'you reap what you sow' definitely pays off because I have strove for my best.  The HKDSE Exam result is an approval of my effort and an encouragement of my future development.  Every sleepy night I have endured to prepare for the exams, and every dawn I have spent to finish my notes are not in vain.  Yet I also know: my confidence, and thus the resultant determination have been critically crucial.  And they will be even more valuable for my future.

Examination result, undoubtedly an approval of one's endeavor, can never really determine one's destiny; but your belief will.  'You will when you believe', once quite far-fetching to me, is a song which I have come to treasure now. Through the ups and downs in the examinations, I realize that being confident in myself has been a strong motivation.  This is the most invaluable gift I am thankful for, apart from the pleasing results. Thanks to My LORD: Jesus Christ has kept me and brought me to a new height for future challenges.


Lau SY (CUHK, Professional Accountancy, Best 6 = 34 points)

Start your preparation early!

14/7 is an important date for all of us. Before receiving the results, I felt quite nervous and worried. But I had no regret because I knew that I had tried my best to realize my dream. Thanks to my teachers' help, my parents' concerns and friends' support, I finally did a great job! I attained some pleasing results. Although I made careless mistakes in the examinations, nothing could conceal my great effort.  I am glad that I was well-equipped at HTYC to face the DSE Exam. I am sure that the time I dedicated and the effort I put are worthwhile. The early bird gets the worm. I started my preparation early for the DSE Exam, so I could further improve myself in order to get better grades.

For me, DSE Exam is just one of the challenges in my life. It is more important to treasure every chance to learn and explore new areas of knowledge. I believe God has prepared me for new challenges. 


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