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HKDSE Examination Results 2015

1. Sharing of Some Outstanding Students:

Law MC (Best 6: 41 points, JUPAS: HKU-Medicine)

Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish - It's all about learning attitude

15/7 is the D-day for 2015 DSE candidates. Most, if not all, candidates were extremely nervous, and I was no exception. When I got back my result notice, it was deep sigh of relief, I made it!

Over the years, some of my friends wondered how I can excel academically. Well, I don't think there is a secret recipe. Different students have different learning styles and there is no so-called a better one, there is only a more suitable one. Like some prefer burning midnight candles before exams while some opt for a relaxing sleep so as to store enough energy for the torture. It can work in both ways, indeed. It all depends on your learning habit and style.

Rather, it is our learning attitude that matters the most. I was deeply inspired Steve Jobs' famous quote - 'Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish' and I uphold it as my learning motto in the pursuit of knowledge. It is very true that we must always stay hungry to absorb more knowledge and have a deeper approach in learning. It is equally crucial that we should stay foolish, be humble and modest to learn from others, regardless of how much we have achieved. Or else, we will just be the frog in the well forever. That's what I keep in mind these years so that I can keep making progress and push my limits again and again, like in English and Physics. True, we can do it in an easy way and learn a couple of exam skills to tackle the exams but an appropriate learning attitude is a must-have in pursuit of excellence.

My special thanks to my parents. Without them, there would not the Barry Law today. They support me unfailingly and tolerate a lot my bad mood during study. And I must also express my heartfelt gratitude to HTYC. It nurtured me a lot. Reminiscing back when I was S1, I didn't like this school naively because it's too small and old. Yet, gradually I realized that because it's small, teachers and students come closer together as a family and have a stronger bonding. I am really grateful that i meet many bosom friends here who support me both academically and emotionally in this cut-throat battle so that I can overcome many obstacles. And I am so thankful to our dedicated teachers who guided me all along and teach me not only the knowledge in textbook but more importantly, the knowledge as a person. Indeed, they have high expectations on us, but with love. 

To close my message, my dear schoolmates, I believe that 'all roads lead to Rome'. With the right learning attitude, we can all be motivated to go the extra miles in the road ahead. Being excellence is a view, so learn to appreciate your strengths so that you can develop them to your full potential, and understand your weaknesses so that your can work on it. When you believe, somehow you will. 

Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish and I wish you all the very best!

LAU TY (Best 6: 35 points, JUPAS: CUHK-Science)

I can finally heave a sigh of relief. DSE results do not only play a key role in determining my future studies in the universities, but also reflect my fruit of hard work throughout the past three years. Some subjects are better than I have expected. I am grateful that I haven’t let anyone down and my efforts paid off.

I have to thank my parents. Since I was promoted to senior forms, I have dedicated most of my time on studying. My parents who value family time had to adapt to my different study mode. Yet, they had never protested. Instead, they continuously reminded me to take a break after long studying hours. They gave me full support by cooking tasty dishes, having conversations other than academic topics with me and etc. Without their support, I would not have gone this far. They have always been my fountain of courage and perseverance. I cannot find a better word than “love” to explain their support on me.

Everyone has their own way to study. My key for studying is to review. After lessons, I immediately revised the materials taught. This aided me to better absorb new information as they remained “fresh”. During weekends I would do an overall review on the topic taught during the week’s lessons. I found this an effective method to learn. After building a sound foundation, I started doing exercises to apply my knowledge and get familiar with the question types in DSE. I would mark down mistakes I made so as to avoid making the same one next time.

All these take hard work, and definitely, motivation! My motivation comes from my dream. I believe having a goal which is to enter the university helps push me to study. Moreover, I want to improve the living of my parents. These two factors had been strong factors for me to work so hard to get good results. As the saying goes, dream high fly high, when you believe in something by heart, your heart will eventually lead you through all sorts barriers and reach the destination. As for my dream, I would like to be a dietician in the future. I hope I can secure the public’s health and help patients to recover quickly through a tasty and balanced diet. I believe health is a key for the prosperity of this city for people to become more productive and happy.

I have had challenges: time limit and pressure. The study leave was really a short time for the whole syllabus of all subjects. Hence, it is important to identify the key points, the topics or the chapters. This can only be done by doing past papers. Without support from your classmates and teachers, the pressure was immense while I was fighting books and notes alone. Thanks to my parents, I could still have connections with the outside world; thanks to technology, I could contact my teachers and buddies when I encountered any difficulties in my studies.

School has been a great facilitation. Before DSE, I borrowed a lot of mock papers and exercises in the library. I did most of them with my friends at school right after lessons or studies during lunch time. The variety of exercises allowed us to put our heads together and I could get various points of views on one question.

I need to relax from time to time. I would leave my piles of books behind in my room and go to another environment. For example, I would take a troll with my parents in the neighborhood. It is crucial to withdraw myself from my studies from time to time. When I get back to my studies, I would have a clearer mind to continue.

Dear fellow schoolmates, the most important thing to brave DSE, a great turning point in your life, is not to make yourself regret after leaving the examination center. To achieve this, your determination and hard work have to be in full swing. Remember what you dream for and never underestimate yourself.

HUI NS (Best 6: 36 points, JUPAS: CUHK-English & English Education)

‘You reap what you sow’ is more than just an old saying. Sitting for DSE is a tough battle and you have to be well prepared for it. I still remember when I just promoted to S6, I got tons of work to do and I felt so stressed. Luckily, teachers encouraged me to focus on every little thing I do. After I finished a small step, I could get closer to my goal. I learnt how to ease my pressure and have a good time management. When I felt stressed, I would listen to music and eat snacks. Sometimes I would take a nap to recharge myself.

 For each subject, I prepared a notebook for taking notes. It might be troublesome to do so but it was very useful. Especially for the electives, I marked down all the mistakes I made in past paper and exercises so that I could recall my memory easily when I read my notes.

My dear fellow schoolmates who are going to sit for the DSE, remember, always get support from your friends and teachers. You don’t have to face the battle alone. Don’t hesitate if you come up with any question – discuss it with your friends or ask our teachers! Believe in yourself and it is never too late for you to make a difference. Your hard work will soon pay off!

CHENG HK (Best 6: 35 points, JUPAS: HKUST-Engineering)

As you probably know, you would have to pay significant effort to achieve outstanding results in the DSE examination. However, you have to be careful not to put an equal sign between “paying effort” and “spending time”.

In fact, I have tried to think really hard instead of spending a lot of time during the study period.

Doing practice questions are easy, and you will get a lot of satisfaction, thinking that you have done a lot and improved a lot. However, it doesn’t help much. What’s hard is that you have to learn from every resolved problem, be it correct or wrong. You have to analyze yourself. You have to avoid making similar mistakes.

During the study period, you may lose direction. It is important to keep track of what you are doing. Working on question banks without deep thinking is an easy way to escape from the brute fact that you don’t know what you are doing. You have to make real solid progress every day, not only to advance in scores, but also to trigger the feedback system of your brain, to help you keep working.

You have to think really, really hard! You need your brain.

That’s what learning is all about anyway.


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