STEAM 同樂日|STEAM Fun Fair
2023-06-28 (Wednesday)
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丘中於 6 月 28 日期間 舉行了 STEAM 同樂日,當天中三級學生在專題學習上利用了 STEAM 的概念,設計了 21 個與 STEAM 有關的攤位遊戲,讓小學生也能享受 STEAM 的樂趣。
此次 STEAM 同樂日讓學生們透過實際操作和展示,讓小學生也能夠體驗到STEAM的樂趣,同時也讓學生們更深入地了解 STEAM 的應用和重要性。
The school held a STEAM Fun Fair on 28th June. On that day, the Secondary 3 students used STEAM concepts in their project-based learning and designed 21 game booths related to STEAM, allowing primary students to enjoy the fun of STEAM as well.
The game booths included many exciting themes, such as coral conservation, big data and education, sports and engineering, robotics and sensors, artificial intelligence and sports, and mini roller coaster games. At the coral conservation booth, students used micro-bit controllers and underwater robots to help corals grow, allowing primary students to experience the combination of technology and environmental protection.
This STEAM Fun Fair allowed students to experience the fun of STEAM through practical operations and demonstrations. It allowed students to have a deeper understanding of the applications and importance of STEAM.
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